My Story

I am a mom, a life & business coach, a podcast host & master of manifestation. Over the past several years, I went on a journey of personal development to explore my purpose.

Here’s the thing….

I had an Amazing career. I have a Masters degree and a 19 year career that most would consider INCREDIBLE… Working in education and serving a beautiful community. I was earning an abundant income, and working in a field where I was making an impact…. BUT, there was one problem. In my heart, I knew I was meant for something BIGGER. There was a burning desire in my heart to reach more people and to make a bigger impact. So, I hired a coach to help me through this process. Life Coaching changed my life. Period.


And at that moment EVERYTHING SHIFTED. ALL of this is AVAILABLE to YOU and I can show you how. YOU ARE MEANT FOR MORE. I am here to show you the path. Coaching will change your life. Period. I launched my coaching practice, quit my 9-5 and fully stepped into entrepreneurship. I coach women on building belief, gaining confidence, and taking inspired action to create the results they want. I coach hard. I have your back. When you work with me, your life will change. You will grow and you will experience massive shifts in all areas. I am so grateful that you landed here in my community today and look forward to connecting with you.

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Testimonials From My Incredible Clients!

“Having Darlene as a coach will inspire you and help you develop the mindset to achieve success!”

- Fran

“Since Working With Darlene, I have gained so much clarity, and confidence to take action in my business”

- Haley